The Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 requires that companies, organisations and individuals register and report any lobbying activities they undertake. This requirement needs to be fulfilled every four months and non-compliance exposes your organisation to significant reputational risk.

NEW ON DEMAND Format with Kathleen O'Meara

This new on-demand e-workshop is delivered by Kathleen O'Meara, former Head of Advocacy and Communications at the Irish Cancer Society and the Rehab Group and member of the Advisory Group to the Head of Ethics and Lobbying Regulation at the Standards in Public Office Commission.

Participants are brought through the importance of organisational compliance, understanding the Lobbying Act, how to make a return, how to ensure that your organisation's structure facilitates compliance and the pitfalls and challenges of compliance. 

Participants can undertake the e-workshop at a time that suits them with a video lecture and practical demonstration along with a dedicated workshop resources webpage including notes and relevant materials.

The on-demand element is further enhanced by a Live Q&A session with Kathleen to answer any questions that arise for participants as they undertake the workshop.


Kathleen O’Meara

Kathleen O’Meara

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