Fellowship of the PRII

A Fellow of the PRII is recognised as a leader in the public relations and communications profession. Those who have earned the designation have done so by being highly skilled and in positions of leadership in their organisation and the profession. These individuals have made a notable contribution to the development of the profession which this honour also seeks to recognise.

Fellows make the commitment to support the ongoing work and development of profession and the Public Relations Institute of Ireland.

Each year there is a limit on the number of Fellowships awarded. The Fellowship process is a competitive selection process based on a range of factors with the minimum requirements and assessment criteria set out below.

Michael Kelly FPRII, Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB); Sarah Dempsey FPRII, AIB plc; PRII President Cian Connaughton MPRII and Martin Long FPRII, Catholic Communications Office, following the presentation of Fellowships on 30th January 2018. Not in picture Pat Keating FPRII, Keating & Associates.

Why become a PRII Fellow?

  • You will be receiving a prestigious professional honour considered by many to be a career pinnacle
  • You will be officially recognised by your peers for your leadership and seniority
  • Your contribution to the promotion and development of the public relations profession in Ireland will be marked
  • Your profile among the Irish public relations industry and wider business community will be raised
  • Fellows are authorised to use the FPRII

What role do PRII Fellows play?

  • Fellows are asked to promote the profession and professional best practice
  • Fellows are encouraged to contribute to the development of the PRII and its standards and policies
  • Fellows are expected to raise awareness of the benefits of PRII membership
  • Fellows are encouraged to support the PRII’s mentoring programme

Nominations for Fellowship must meet the following minimum requirements:

Download PRII Fellow Nomination Form Here.

  • Full member of the PRII for a minimum of 10 years;
  • Faithfully applied the ethics standards of the profession and Codes of Practice adopted by PRII during their career;
  • They must be in good standing with the Institute (dues paid up to date);
  • Must be, or have been, actively engaged in the public relations or communications profession; and
  • Demonstrated an exceptional level of professional work either as an in-house practitioner or consultant.

Nomination process:

Nominators (self-nomination is accepted) are asked to use the nomination form below and send it, in confidence, to the PRII CEO, Martina Byrne, at Turn on Javascript!. A call for nominations will be issued at least once a year with a specific deadline, although nominations can be received at any time.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is Friday, 19th October 2018.

After the specified deadline, the PRII's subcommittee on nominations will review the Fellow nominations. The subcommittee consists of five upstanding individuals, chaired by Jim Walsh FPRII (Life), with a detailed knowledge of the public relations community and profession. They will undertake to ensure the standards of this professional distinction are upheld. The process aims to ensure that Fellows announced for each year aim to represent a blend of the unique contributions and backgrounds that contribute to the development of the Profession. The nominees impact on their colleagues, organisation and external stakeholders provide demonstrable examples of the exception level of professional work that they carry out. Criteria of assessment for sub-committee based upon nomination application:

Download PRII Fellow Nomination Form here.

Award of PRII Fellowships
Valerie Robinson, Kathryn Byrne, Orla Burke, Anne-Marie Curran, Neasa Kane-Fine & Laoise O'Murchu receiving their PRII Fellowships in 2015 from PRII President Jacqueline Hall, FPRII.

List of PRII Fellows

  • Dorothy Barry, FPRII
  • Rhona Blake, FPRII
  • Orla Burke, FPRII
  • Kathryn Byrne, FPRII
  • Martina Byrne, FPRII
  • Sheila Caulfield, FPRII
  • Alexander Connolly, FPRII
  • Frank Cullen, FPRII
  • Anne-Marie Curran, FPRII
  • Julian Davis, FPRII
  • Pauric Dempsey, FPRII
  • Sarah Dempsey, FPRII
  • Carmel Doyle, FPRII
  • Eugene Grey, FPRII
  • Jacqueline Hall, FPRII
  • Bernard Harbor, FPRII
  • Sinéad Hewson, FPRII
  • Caroline Heywood, FPRII
  • Paddy Hughes, FPRII
  • Neasa Kane-Fine, FPRII
  • Geraldine Kearney, FPRII
  • Pat Keating, FPRII
  • Michael Kelly, FPRII
  • PJ Kelly, FPRII
  • Barry Kenny, FPRII
  • Tim Kinsella, FPRII
  • Martin Long, FPRII
  • Gerry Lundberg, FPRII
  • Laurie Mannix, FPRII
  • Anne Mathews, FPRII
  • Anna McHugh, FPRII
  • Padraig McKeon, FPRII
  • Michael Miley, FPRII
  • Michael Moloney, FPRII
  • Billy Murphy, FPRII
  • John T. Murphy, FPRII
  • Antonina Ní Dhuinn, FPRII
  • Stephen O'Byrnes, FPRII
  • Niamh O'Carroll, FPRII
  • Siobhán O'Donnell, FPRII
  • Mari O'Leary, FPRII
  • Dr. Laoise O'Murchú, FPRII
  • Ann-Marie O'Sullivan, FPRII
  • Valerie Robinson, FPRII
  • Ronnie Simpson, FPRII
  • Brighid Smyth, FPRII
  • Niamh Ward, FPRII
  • Sinéad Whooley, FPRII

The list of Life Fellows can be accessed here.



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