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As restrictions are gradually eased and we approach the new normal, one thing that we can be sure of is that skilled and experienced professional communicators will be in high demand by businesses and organisations of all types and sizes. Now is the perfect time to consider your recruitment needs, for the present and the future.  And the PRII Recruitment Service is here to help.

Every week the recruitment listings in our member’s newsletter, the PRII Digest, are seen by almost 2,000 Public Relations and Communications professionals, keen to hear about your opportunities, both junior and senior.  The listings are also seen by our 3,767 followers on Twitter and hundreds of visitors to the Recruitment pages of the PRII website. 

Submitting A Recruitment Notice

Our Recruitment Service co-ordinators will be happy to help you develop an effective and cost-effective recruitment campaign.  You can contact them directly at Loading....

When You Need To Recruit

Put The Job Description Up Front:  Yes, of course you’re a long-established, reputable firm with an impressive, high profile client list.  But that can wait - job seekers want to know about the job itself.  What will they be doing? What are the challenges? Who will they report to? Full time or part time?  Permanent or temporary?  Don’t over-glamorise the position but do excite and interest the reader.

Be Clear About The Skills You Need:  A vague list of desired skills can often make the job seem less interesting than it is – and put off potential candidates.  Clearly and concisely detail the experience and knowledge that you’re looking for and the type of person that the job would suit.  

Include Deal Breakers:  If knowledge of a particular business sector or a very specific skill is required, be sure to mention it or you could be wasting the time of both your company and the candidate.

Location, Location, Location:  Say exactly where the job is based.  Are there good transport links?  Is car or cycle parking available? Are you close to local shops and amenities?

Don’t Make It Difficult:  Avoid asking people to contact you for full details.  If you don’t put up all of the information that people need, the next company will!

Explain How To Apply:  Let candidates know exactly how you would like to hear from them;  if that’s the only way to apply, say so.  Give full contact details and closing date and time. 

Company Information:  Chances are that the candidates will already know something about you.  Briefly outline the company background, achievements and client-roster if you think that this will help to attract suitable candidates.  As mentioned above – leave this to almost last.

Finally:  Show candidates that you take the profession seriously.  Ask if they are a member of the PRII – it will help you ascertain if they have the Right Stuff for your position.

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