Impactful Writing

Get your key message across more effectively, with clarity and in the right style and tone. Learn about journalistic writing conventions and how to avoid common mistakes, while honing one of the fundamental skills of business and communication.

Start Date 2 May 2024
Course Dates 2 May 2024
Presenter Frank Dillon
Business journalist, publisher and media trainer. A regular contributor to The Irish Times where he writes about management issues, reviews business books and interviews business authors, he previously wrote for The Sunday Times. Frank has lectured on the PRII’s Diploma course since 2004 and has been an examiner since 2009.
Venue e-Workshop, Online remote delivery
Fees PRII Members €180
Fees PRII Non-members €250

Writing is a fundamental skill for any PR practitioner. This was underscored recently when Stephen Waddington said, “if you can write well you’ll likely have a job for life.” He was commenting the finding that  57% of people working in public relations regularly undertake copywriting and editing tasks as part of their work.

This is the case across all levels of the profession as “writing and editing are the most common task for 73% of junior roles and 50% of senior roles”, according to the CIPR State of Profession survey in the UK.

While we might write every day, oftentimes we don’t get the opportunity to put the pen (or keyboard) down and look at how we write.

Now being delivered as an e-workshop, this training has been designed to give participants just that chance. To help them draft reports, press releases, op-eds etc more effectively, enabling the reader to clearly understand the message being communicated on behalf of the organisation, client or individual.

Participants will have access to a dedicated e-workshop resource webpage including notes and relevant materials as well as participating in a live remote workshop delivered Frank Dillon on Thursday, 02 May 2024.


Taking place on Thursday, 02 May (10:00am to 12:30pm) this workshop will cover:

  • Getting your key messages across effectively
  • How to achieve clarity in your writing
  • Appropriate style and tone in written communication
  • Journalistic writing principles and techniques
  • Avoiding common grammar/spelling mistakes

This course is suitable for anyone for whom writing forms a key part of their work, whatever field they may work in.

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