The Role of PR In Strategic Decision Making

The importance of having public relations practitioners involved in an organisation’s strategic decision making is always a ‘hot topic’ in the PR profession.  In a new article recently published on LinkedIn, Dr Karl Anderson, MPRII considers why PR deserves a voice in strategy.

He argues that because PR practitioners have their fingers on the pulse of the external environment, they can "..bring critical insights to the management of issues and stakeholders, which can in turn contribute significantly to strategic decision making.".  He suggests, however that practitioners must offer more than just their communications expertise:  “They need to understand and empathise with the challenges and objectives of functions such as HR, Finance, IT, Sales and so on...and be able to speak their language with authority…”

Dr Anderson concludes that “…there is little doubt that practitioners with exemplary bridging and buffering skills and insights are welcome at the top team periodically; they’re usually taken off the subs bench when things get tricky.  However, those with a strategic orientation which spans the entire organisation are more likely to be permanently in the starting line-up…”

The original article can be read in full by clicking here.

Dr Karl Anderson, MPRII will deliver the PRII Certificate in Strategic Public Sector Communications beginning on 26th September 2019. More information here

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