European Communications Monitor 2018 - Closes Friday 30 March

The European Communication Monitor (ECM) is now in its twelfth year and over that time the concerns and circumstances as seen by the Public Relations Industry in Europe have been identified and studied.

For example, last year, the Monitor determined that visual communication is becoming more important throughout Europe according to 94% of our respondents and 70% of organisations report a rising demand for visual communication by stakeholders. Use of social bots in communication is seen as problematic from ethical and operational  points of view by over 85% or respondents. In contrast with earlier years, more practitioners indicate that they are coping well with digital evolution and the social web.

This year’s Monitor addresses much debated topics such as the challenges of fake news and how to tackle them, how to provide information for decision-makers, leadership in public relations, job satisfaction, and stress and work-life-balance of communicators.

ECM 2018 also marks the start of the next exciting phase for this joint endeavour of academia and practice. The data gathered in Europe will be complemented by similar surveys in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and – for the first time – in North America. With more than 80 countries covered and 50,000 participants to date, the Global Communication Monitor series is the only truly global study of strategic communication.

For the past three years, Ireland has delivered enough responses to have its national statistics individually tallied giving us great insight into how we compare with our European neighbours. The survey was launched at the beginning of March and will close on the last working day of the month, March 30.

As of now, we have about 20% fewer responses than we did at this time last year. Please go to and spend a few minutes of your valuable time and become part of this important study of our profession.

Thank you.
Dr John Gallagher Ed.D., FPRII

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