Life Fellowship of the PRII

This is the highest honour that the PRII can bestow on a  Full member. Life Fellows have championed by example the highest standards and implementation of the profession. Under the PRII's constitution no more than two Life Fellowships can be awarded each year, and they must be approved by two-thirds of those present at the annual general meeting of the Institute.

Ann-Marie O’Sullivan, FPRII (Life) who was awarded PRII Life Fellowship unanimously at 2020 AGM and which was bestowed at an online ceremony on 16 December 2020.


To be eligible for Life Fellowship of the Institute, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be a member of the Institute for a period of no less than 15 years
  • They must be a Fellow of the Institute for a period of 5 years
  • They must be in good standing with the Institute (dues paid up to date)
  • Must be, or have been, actively engaged in the public relations/communications profession or in education related to the profession
  • Must have held a position of leadership within the industry
  • Must have made a significant contribution to the industry or the Institute
  • Must be willing to fulfil the duties of Life Fellowship

List of Life Fellows

  •     Pat Barry, FPRII (Life)
  •     Dr Francis Xavier Carty, FPRII (Life)
  •     Flan Clune, FPRII (Life)
  •     Mary Crotty, FPRII (Life)
  •     Mary Finan, FPRII (Life)
  •     Norman Freeman, FPRII (Life)
  •     Sheila Gahan, FPRII (Life)
  •     Dr John P. Gallagher, FPRII (Life)
  •     Ita Gibney, FPRII (Life)
  •     Eileen Gleeson, FPRII (Life)
  •     Betty Griffin, FPRII (Life)
  •     Justin Green, FPRII (Life)
  •     Roddy Guiney, FPRII (Life)
  •     Nigel Heneghan, FPRII (Life)
  •     Patrick Heneghan, FPRII (Life)
  •     Tim Kinsella, FPRII (Life)
  •     Laurie Mannix, FPRII (Life)
  •     John C. McMahon, FPRII (Life)
  •     Jim Milton, FPRII (Life)
  •     Joseph Murray, FPRII (Life)
  •     Niall O'Flynn, FPRII (Life)
  •     Seán O'Riordáin, FPRII (Life)
  •     Ann-Marie O'Sullivan, FPRII (Life)
  •     Robin O'Sullivan, FPRII (Life)
  •     Michael Patten, FPRII (Life)
  •     John Saunders, FPRII (Life)
  •     Padraig Slattery, FPRII (Life)
  •     Myles Tierney, FPRII (Life)
  •     Jim Walsh, FPRII (Life)
  •     Barney Whelan, FPRII (Life)
  •     Wally Young, FPRII (Life)

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