Brand Storytelling and Strategic Narratives

You don’t dream in bullet points. Storytelling is at the heart of our how we think and effective communications. Yet for many communicators they remain ‘news storytellers’, failing to harness the power of creating strategic narratives and the greater dimension of ‘story’. Learn not only to tell but to ‘story listen’ to detect the hidden narratives in any communication.
Start Date 10 June 2021
Course Dates 10 June 2021
24 June 2021
Presenter Andy Green
A familiar face as a workshop trainer with the PRII for over 13 years and as judge for the Awards for Excellence in PR, Andy is the author of ‘Creativity in Public Relations’, the world’s first book on the subject which has been translated into eight languages.
Venue e-Workshop, Online remote delivery
Fees PRII Members €310
Fees PRII Non-members €425

At a strategic and tactical level outstanding communications and campaigns require ‘Big Multi Channel Ideas’. At the heart of these ‘Big Ideas’ are core elements that make great stories. By understanding the engineering and architecture within narratives and stories - which most people think they are the same, yet they’re profoundly different - you can move more quickly, with greater assurance to profoundly transform dull ideas and content into emotionally engaging and powerful calls to inspiration or action.

The role of narrative and storytelling is now a critical skill to enable professionals to offer better counsel and improve the impact and effectiveness of their campaigns, reputation management and for creating.

This workshop, over two mornings (10 & 24 June, 10 am to 12:30 pm) will show you how you manage corporate narrative, and how to craft, and deliver Storytelling, in any news story, Social Media or Content Marketing campaign, providing you with a Narrative and Storytelling toolkit to transform your Storytelling and narrative skills.

It offers you the chance to use powerful new insights and tools on your own real world live work challenges. The workshop also features 1:1 story mentoring on your own individual organizational narrative and story-telling issues.

You will come away with ‘Story Listening ears’ - being able to identify any narrative existing within a communications: if you want to change behaviour, you need to change its underlying narrative

Who should attend?

This workshop is open to all levels.

Topics covered

  • Explanations on what is ‘corporate narrative’ and how narrative shapes your responses to any situation
  • The seven key lessons used by powerful Brand Storytellers
  • The five plots of literature and how to use them for any content - from Thought Leadership to news releases to Tweets.
  • How to improve your ‘Story Listening’
  • How to identify your ‘Story Persona’ - your character that shapes how you tell your story
  • How to craft Corporate and Strategic Narratives
  • How to ‘Story Listen’
  • How to transform dull, uninspiring content and copy
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