Joint PRII & PRCA Submission to Future of Media Commission

The Future of Media Commission was set up by the Government in September 2020 to examine the future of Irish media - including public service broadcasters, commercial broadcasters, print and online media platforms.  Chaired by Professor Brian MacCraith, former President of Dublin City University, it has ten expert members drawn from media and academia. They are tasked with producing their report and recommendations by summer of 2021 on how the media can address future challenges.

In January 2021, we put together a Joint PRII/ PRCA submission following The Future of Media Commission invitation to interested organisations to submit their views on the challenges faced by media including sustainable funding sources, changes in audience behaviour and changes in technology. The Commission has now begun publishing the (over 800) submissions..

In our submission we argued, among other things, that as professionals working with the media and for whom its contribution has a key value for the organisations that we serve - public, commercial and non-profit alike - we believe in the need to support the media ecosystem in its entirety.  Within that ecosystem the existence of a capable, well-resourced, and assured Public Service Media is essential and should be supported. This support would not be a ‘free pass’ for media organisations but a recognition that the ability of media to maintain quality and independence in editorial discretion is of paramount importance to society.

While it is not all of what we do, the media does play an important role in the processes of communication. It is in all our interests that the media are sustainably equipped to continue that role.
You can read our suggestions below as to how the media in all its diversity can be supported. We will continue to monitor the Commission as it continues in its work and bring you any updates.  Our submission can also be downloaded in PDF format here.


Submission by the PRII & PRCA to the Future of Media Commission, January 2021


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