Covid-19: Arrangements For Press Conferences & Media Events

Despite the current restrictions, some members may still be involved in the organisation of press conferences and media events, particularly if working in the public affairs arena.

Like all of us, reporters, photographers and camera crews from broadcast and print have had to make major adjustments to the way they work.  Our colleagues at RTÉ News, on behalf of their camera crews, have contacted us to ask that PRII and PRCA members consider the following, when organising a press event:-

  • It is vital that camera crews are given early access to venues. We now have additional protocols that need to be followed. We need to be in position at least half an hour before any press conference starts, it is not possible to make exceptions.
  • Choose a room that accommodates all media comfortably; the bigger the better. Ensure a two-metre gap between all seats in the room and a two-metre gap between those standing including guests, reporters, photographers and camera crews. Press centres in Government Buildings and the Department of Health are good examples of how a room could be laid out. 
  • Ensure there is a dedicated sound feed that the media can plug into to avoid cross contamination of microphones.
  • Make sure roving microphones are cleaned each time they are passed to a contributor or consider a fixed microphone position for journalists to ask questions from.
  • Consider using an App so questions can be sent in by reporters who can’t attend in person but still want to participate. Fewer people in a room will make it easier for all to work safely.
  • To ensure that physical distancing is observed at all times, break the media briefing down into smaller groups.  Ask photographers to take pictures at the start and leave the TV and radio reporters to conduct their interviews in smaller groups once they have finished.
  • Allow a two-metre gap between the interviewee and reporter and a two-metre gap between the reporter and cameraperson

Of course, all of the the above should also apply to reporters and crews from other media organisations.

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