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A Call For Volunteers From Dr Martina Byrne CEO, PRII


I’ve said it before.  Your work really matters. You can’t stop the virus, but you can keep the lines of vital communication open and flowing with factual, timely information to counter the another virus - dangerous mis-information.

We all know that the national and local government, public sector, and  charities and NGOs, are at the front-line in fighting the virus. Their communications teams are working flat out. They are, no doubt, stretched and tired. And it’s only been a few weeks.  We know that some have already volunteered to help.

We don’t know the extent of any gap that may need to be filled, or the capacity of other communications people to help at this time, but we are not going to wait for this to be ‘perfect’.

So, are there any communications people reading this, or that you know, who might be in a position to volunteer some help?

The PRII have good contacts in the above sectors, for example with The Charities Institute, and we will work with them to match volunteers to those who either cannot afford their help or are simply too busy to cope with all the demands for information.

They may need extra help with strategy, employee communications, digital channels, mobile video, crisis communications, or lobbying local and national government.

If you have relevant expertise and would like to volunteer your time please email Loading... and put Covid Comms Volunteer in the subject line. Let us know what expertise you have, how many hours and what time of day or days of the week you are available to offer your help free of charge.

It ain’t pretty or perfect, but it is fast, so let’s give it a go.

Dr Martina Byrne

Chief Executive, Public Relations Institute of Ireland (PRII)



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