Upcoming Professional Development Workshops and Certificates 

The increasing demands of everyday PR practice and the sharper focus of clients and bodies such as the OGP on professional development in assessing potential providers highlights the need for continuous professional development. Last year’s RFT for the Framework for the Provision of PR /Communications for all Public-Sector Bodies stressed the importance of Professional Development. Indeed 10% of the overall marks in that process were awarded for the key individuals ongoing professional development. The OGP required that companies submit verifiable proof of attendance or certification of the ongoing professional development undertaken by the key individuals put forward.

It also looked for membership of a relevant professional body.

Supporting members in developing their professional practice is a objective of the PRII and our Spring calendar of workshops and certificate courses is well underway.


PRII training workshops are designed to develop specialist expertise in key areas of PR to enable you grow professionally. They will bring members up to speed on the latest developments in the communications field and the technical skills of the profession. This year we are focusing on areas such as mobile video; working with social media influencers; live streaming; proving PR's value to overall organisational success; as well as storytelling and the skill of successful pitching to media. 

Click on the links below for details on each of these workshops:


Certificate Programmes:

PRII's Certificate courses are designed to develop specialist expertise in key areas of PR practice and to support professionals as their careers develop.

Upcoming Certificate programmes will develop expertise in Public Affairs; Social Media; Public Sector Communications; and Crisis Communications and Issues Management.

Click on the links below for details on each of these Certificates:

You can learn more about PRII Professional Development and sign up for our courses here.

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