MPRII: Make The Most of Your Professional Designation - A Note for the CEO

If you can read this you're different..

It means you are an accredited Member of the PRII - an MPRII. Or perhaps a Fellow (FPRII) or Life Fellow (FPRII (Life)).

As an MPRII you:

  • can demonstrate your capabilities and experience and  commitment to professionalism in your public relations and communications work;
  • have met, or surpassed, the criteria to become an MPRII i.e. you hold the PRII Diploma in Public Relations or an equivalent standard PR professional qualification;
  • have full-time public relations experience of at least two years  or full-time acceptable public relations experience at executive level for at least four years;
  • have been approved for membership by the National Council of the PRII;
  • can demonstrate your adherence to the Institute’s Code of Ethics giving assurance to clients/employers and the stakeholders with whom you engage.

Professional designation is something you notice and take comfort from when you engage professionals in your business and private life.

So for these reasons we strongly encourage you to use the professional designation you have achieved to demonstrate your difference, your professionalism, to current and prospective clients, employers, and all those with whom you connect.

If you don't already start now and use MPRII, FPRII, or FPRII (Life)  in your email signatures, business cards, social media profiles, curriculum vitae to demonstrate your difference and professionalism.

You've earned it.


Dr Martina Byrne


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