Digital PR Strategies and Transparency When Engaging Influencers

The influence of certain social media channels has been very much in focus over the past few weeks with the revelations around Cambridge Analytica and recent controversies around bloggers requesting free services in return for favourable coverage or YouTuber Logan Paul’s select editing of his vlog on Japan’s "Suicide Forest".
The whole area of social media and digital PR is an area where PRII Members have highlighted a desire to upskill, and the PRII offers a number of ways of doing this.

Members will be aware of our Guidelines on Engagement with Social Media Influencers . We also have a number of training options targeted at this whole area including our Engaging Effectively with Social Media Influencers workshop with Joanne Sweeney-Burke MPRII, CEO Digital Training Institute on April 16.

Or if you want to learn how to integrate social media more in to your communications campaigns and develop their social media strategy award winning digital communications strategist and mentor Krishna De leads the PRII Certificate in Social Media which starts on April 28.

A recent survey in the UK (‘Under the Influence’ PR Week, February 15) found that 71 % of people thought there were no rules around the use of influencers, 61% believed influencers don’t have to disclose that they have been paid to talk / write about a product.

There is also very little awareness of the hashtags and language influencers should use to differentiate paid for content and their relationships with brands they advocate, with nearly half of those survey respondents unaware of these.

Nearly 90% think they should be informed if influencers are being paid to promote products while 61% felt brands were not being open or transparent when using influencers.

Reassuringly however, two thirds of respondents acknowledged that their perception of a brand improved when it was transparent on social media.

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