How do Your Communications Objectives Relate to Your Organisation’s or Clients’ Business Objectives?

Presenting your PR and communications efforts alongside other key business metrics and performance indicators is a key element of any PR practitioner’s work. Given the financial and resource pressures that weigh heavily on all our work today being able to clearly demonstrate and communicate the value of PR to wider business and organisational success is vital to any successful campaign and longer term communications strategy.

Furthermore, being able to effectively evaluate and measure work allows the PR practitioner identify where communications programmes can be improved upon and made more impactful.

  • How do you set benchmark metrics, track inputs and measure outputs as well as outcomes?
  • What are the quantitative methods and qualitative measurements the PR practitioner should be using when reporting on their work?

Keeping up to speed with the latest thinking and tools in PR evaluation and measurement is a skill in itself. Luckily our upcoming workshop – Demonstrating PR’s Contribution to the Bottom Line will give PR and communication professionals, both in-house and in consultancy, the skills to demonstrate and communicate the value of PR to wider business and organisational success and enable them to win, maintain and increase PR budgets and resources.

Taking place on 6 September this workshop is ideally timed to give you this extra knowledge as you get ready to submit plans and proposals for 2019.

Find out more here.

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