Are Your PRII Member Directory Details Correct?

As our new membership year approaches  and in line with the GDPR we need all members to log onto the members area here and update their contact details.

We want to ensure that Members' details are correct on our database so we can continue to keep you informed of developments in the profession and our events and member services.

Nobody can input or update this personal data except you the member.

Members will be aware that the PRII website contains a public Directory of Members where you have the option to make your listing accessible to the public, as well as providing a photograph and details of your professional career and specialisms.

Regardless of whether you want the information to be public or private you must log in to your own account here and check / update what information is there. 

Members have the option to have their contact details published in the online Directory, or not, as they prefer.

The PRII is committed to protecting individual’s privacy and complies with the GDPR and other regulations. Our Privacy Policy explains how and why we collect personal data and how it is used and is available here.

Individuals have the right to opt-out of receiving PRII communications at any time. To do so, e-mail Loading... or follow the 'unsubscribe' link contained in all PRII electronic communications.

Are your details correct and up to date? Check here now.

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