Tips on Developing World Class Brands from David Gluckman

David Gluckman spoke at the PRII on 27 April. The brand developer and author of 'This Shit will never Sell' engaged the audience with stories of his 50 year career of product and brand development, most notably Baileys. David remembered the pub in Dublin called the Bailey and a star brand was born! Today, Baileys sells one glass every second.
In conclusion Mr Gluckman passed on 8 tips to the attendees:

  • If you don't know what you can't do, you can do anything. Don't be afraid to try.
  • Ideas need the buy-in of senior management - they are often more adventurous than less secure, risk-adverse middle management.
  • Better to deliver one really well-developed solution in a pitch than half a dozen mediocre ones.
  • Before you commission more research make sure to really understand the research you already have. It's a goldmine of information.
  • Do your own research where possible because you will know when to stop, whereas commissioned researchers may just keep going.
  • You can always create a better product.
  • In the world of ideas, the buyer is the real hero, the one who takes the risk.
  • Ownership of the idea is the key to success.

The best ideas, David said, are not hidden but right in front of us, it only requires seeing the obvious with fresh eyes.
Check out his book on in Hodges Figgis, or hear him in conversation with Irish Times journalist Patrick Freyne at the Dalkey Book Festival on 17 June.


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