Media Monitoring Update


The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s (CCPC) investigation into the acquisition of Newsaccess by Kantar Media continues, with the CCPC now considering additional information it received in May as part of a Phase One investigation. The PRII made a very detailed submission in March to the CCPC highlighting our concerns about potential implications for service provision as a result of the acquisition which has greatly reduced competition in the marketplace for print and broadcast media monitoring. The PRII will continue to monitor the CCPC’s investigation and engage with them as appropriate.
Separately, the PRII is aware of the issues many members have been experiencing with services from Kantar/Newsaccess. These concerns have been relayed to the companies in question, and we understand that they have been in contact with customers over the past week.
More generally, the PRII believes that a competitive market place in the provision of all forms of media monitoring is important to our members, and we are working to support that aim.

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