Latest JNLR figures - a Very Positive Perspective on Irish Radio


Last Thursday saw the release of the latest JNLR figures (Quarter 1, 2017), which offer a very positive perspective on the current state of Irish radio. Overall, 82% of Irish adults report listening to any radio on the average weekday, with 56% reporting listening to any local/regional radio and 44% reporting listening to any national radio. The full report is available from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) website here.
There has been plenty of reportage on this figures over the past few days, with the big winners being highlighted in the headlines as 2FM’s Breakfast Republic and Radio One’s Sean O’Rourke.  As usual there have been plenty of articles in the past few days on the subject, but one’s to draw members attention to include:

One thing to note though within the figures is the declining audience among younger listeners, and the continued failure of national radio to gain a strong share of this demographic. This is all the more obvious when compared to the same period five years ago. In 2012, 80% of 15-24 year olds reported listening yesterday, with 23% listening to national and 71% to local. Five years on, that has declined to 75%, 21% and 55% respectively. Even in the larger 15-34 year old age group, there is similar decline, with overall listenership in this age group falling from 81% to 76%, national radio listenership falling to 30% from 35% and regional/local falling to 60% from 63%.
Finally, while the overall adult mean listening time between 7am and 7pm remains very strong at 231 minutes a day (down 5 minutes over the past five years), the younger age groups have shown larger declines. 15-24 years olds report listening for a mean time of 151 minutes, as against 161 five years ago, and 15-34 year olds listening for a mean time of 181 minutes down from 193 minutes.

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