PRII call for Full Investigation by CCPC into Acquisition of Newsaccess Ltd


The PRII has made a submission to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) requesting that the CCPC carry out a  full investigation into the proposed acquisition by Kantar Media of Newsaccess Ltd. This call is in response to a preliminary investigation being carried out by the CCPC into the acquisition. The deadline for submission was yesterday, Monday March 27th, and details of the PRII's submission were reported in the Sunday Business Post at the weekend.

Kantar Media and Newsaccess are the dominant suppliers of media monitoring for Irish print and broadcast media. While there are a wide range of alternatives for social and online media, there is nowhere near the same depth in print and broadcast media monitoring, particularly when it comes to Ireland’s important regional media. Naturally, PRII members are concerned that this acquisition will significantly lessen competition for print and broadcast media monitoring and that it could have an adverse impact on the cost and quality of the services being provided. Given this concern, the PRII is calling on the CCPC to conduct a full investigation into this acquisition. This will allow the CCPC to consider in detail the wider implications of this merger.

Until the full investigation takes place  the PRII has requested to the CCPC that neither organisation be allowed carry out measures which would prejudice the ultimate decision; that both organisations be prohibited from changing existing terms of service; and that if any changes of services have taken place since the acquisition’s announcement that they be put on hold or reversed.

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