Revised BAI General Commercial Communications Code Now in Effect


The revised General Commercial Communications Code came into effect on June 1st and sets out the rules that Irish radio and television stations must comply with when it comes to airing advertising, sponsorship, product placement and other forms of commercial communications.
According to the The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) the revised Code aims to give the public the confidence that commercial communications on television and radio are legal, decent, honest, truthful, and protect their interests. It is also intended to provide greater clarity and certainty for Irish broadcasters and audiences on the standards that should apply.
It was developed by the BAI following a statutory review of the previous Code and a public consultation. Updates relate to the rules regarding commercial communications for financial services and products; and the provision of greater clarity on the distinction between sponsorship and product placement.

Under the revised Code, mandatory regulatory statements in radio advertisements for financial services and products are excluded from the calculation of advertising minutage, the number of minutes broadcasters are permitted to devote to advertising within any hour. The Code also clearly defines the difference between product placement and sponsorship: if a product or service is built into the action of the programme, it is product placement; if sponsor announcements or references are shown during a programme but are not part of the plot or narrative of the programme, they qualify as sponsorship.

The General Commercial Communications Code is available here.

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