PRII Welcomes Decision of CCPC on Media Monitoring Market

PRII Welcomes Decision of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission on Irish Media Monitoring Market

PRII welcomes the significant concessions obtained by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) from Kantar Media in relation to its acquisition of Newsaccess.

The CCPC today announced that it has reached an agreement with Kantar Media to approve their acquisition of Newsaccess. Both companies account for the majority of the media monitoring market in Ireland. The terms agreed to by Kantar Media include divestment by Kantar of Newsaccess’ fixed assets to a new supplier, commitments to maintain pricing for a certain timeframe and the release of a number of Newsaccess customers from their contracts. Kantar Media will also be required to notify CCPC of any future planned mergers or acquisitions within the next two years

In February, Kantar Media announced its acquisition of Newsaccess Media Intelligence. While there are several alternative companies that provide monitoring services for social and online media, there is no similar depth in the print and broadcast media monitoring market particularly when it comes to the regional media. As a result, the PRII raised this matter with the CCPC.

PRII’s Interim General Manager Frank Condon said: 

“Media monitoring is a hugely important service to our sector, particularly monitoring of print and broadcast media. These two companies controlled the vast, vast majority of that market.”

When the acquisition was originally announced in February, it caused a lot of concern within the public relations profession. 

“We have been campaigning hard on this issue on behalf of members in recent months. We conducted a members’ survey on the issue. More than 250 members responded. In total – 92% those who were customers of Kantar Media said the service they received got worse over the past few months. While 83.5% of those who are customers of Newsaccess said the same thing.”

Members reported large volumes of stories being missed, account managers being inaccessible, significant increases in the irrelevancy of clips sent among other issues.

“We welcome today’s announcement but there is still a way to go. Media monitoring is a service that is essential to many of our members. These measures should help to ensure that there is real, meaningful and significant competition in the Irish media monitoring market place. We will continue to monitor the situation in the best interest of our members.”

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