Creativity in PR - why you need to change

Creativity has always been one of the essential skills if you want to succeed in public relations, communications, or marketing. If you want your work to stand out to achieve results, you need a strong creative dimension.

If you want award-winning recognition for your efforts and talents, invariably the creative dimension is crucial.

And if you want to overcome your next challenge or difficult problem, yes you need to be able to think creatively.

Yet, creativity is also the most neglected of skills. There’s the myths that ‘you cannot teach creativity’, or ‘you are either creative or not’, or ‘you don’t have time to be creative.’

Now however, it’s never been more important to get smarter in doing and managing the creative dimension in your work.

For a start there’s now more competition out there, all seeking their share of the glory. Things are far more complex. Gone are the days when a simple news release, print item or ad delivers the solution you need.

It’s also getting faster.

When the Asiana 777 plane crashed at San Francisco airport at 11.27am in July 2013 the first Tweet in response (from a by-stander at the airport) was 11.28am.

You don’t just need your wits about you, but they need their running shoes on as well.

Creativity is a key driver for change. Yet, the nature of ‘doing creativity’ in PR, communications and marketing is changing in order to be effective.

Growing complexity means traditional news-led creative PR responses are increasingly inadequate to deliver ‘Big Multi-Channel Ideas’.

In doing creativity in your work, you need to change from being a magician pulling the proverbial rabbit out of a hat, to more of a skilful collaborator, co-creator and master storyteller.
Help however, is at hand.

The Public Relations Institute of Ireland is doing something to help professionals out there cope, survive or even thrive.

The Institute’s new Certificate in Creativity being launched in September. Over a programme of four linked weekends - to avoid any downtime at work - provides new support, guidance and smartness.

Check out the details here

Give yourself this quick test to check if your skills in being creative and managing creativity are up to scratch.

If you’re under pressure do you instantly know 3 or more techniques or tools to get you to cope with anxiety, and spark new ideas?

Your boss or client demands new strategic insight on your latest campaign. Do you know of the best steps to take to give your work a quick and insightful strategy makeover?

You are absolutely stuck for ideas and you can’t think of anything to quickly get you or your team out of your rut. Do you know how give you, or your team the right creative jump leads?

The skill of delivering outstanding has never been more important. The nature of how you do and deliver creativity is changing, Are you stepping up to the mark? Are you growing to meet the challenge?

Course director Andy Green, is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations is a leading authority and author on flexible thinking, creativity, public relations, brand and personal communications.

He is the author of Creativity in Public Relations (Kogan Page, 4th Edition 2010); Effective Personal Communication Skills for Public Relations (Kogan Page, 2006) and co-author of A Minute with Tony Blair.

Andy lectures on the Masters programme in Global Communications at Cardiff University. He is a Brand Story expert and an associate director at four UK PR agencies, founder of social enterprise the Flexible Thinking Forum. He has also produced the CIPR Innovation & Creativity Toolkit resource for public relations practitioners

Learn more and register for the PRII Certificate in Creativity here.

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