PRII Members are Engaged and Value Support as Profession Changes


In his third instalment on the findings of the recent Annual Survey, Frank Condon – the PRII’s Development and Research Manager – looks at how Members engage with PRII, view the services the Institute offers and how these support members and the profession.

Half of the PRII members who responded to the recent annual survey (50.8%) indicated that they are engaged or very engaged with PRII. Only 5% said they are not engaged at all. 61.34 % of respondents were either full (MPRII) members or Fellows of the Institute and 88% would recommend PRII Membership to a colleague or peer.

The top activities that people engaged in were:

  • reading the weekly Digest or PRII Research;
  • attending Lunchtime Forums;
  • training; and
  • attending the annual conference.

Training courses and workshops; promoting the profession externally; and providing guidelines and resources for members are three most important functions PRII undertakes. Updating members on topical issues of relevance to the profession and holding related forums are also considered important activities.
Three quarters of members read the Digest every week (only 3% of respondents said they never read it). 85% of respondents rated the content of the digest as good or excellent while 87.5% rated the weekly frequency also good or excellent.

However, only a little over a quarter of members have contributed content to the Digest over the past year.

We do welcome contributions from members be that in the form of industry use, new appointments or staff news, commentary on professional issues or relevant articles and book reviews.

The value that members place on the PRII’s activities is also reflected in comments with a number of respondents noting an improvement over the past couple of years.

There is a "great breadth of forums and training courses on offer, particularly in recent years”, “provides great networking opportunities for all members”, and “lots of activities and events and relevant information”.

“It is valuable to be a member of the PRII as the weekly digest email is very informative, the media source book is excellent and there can be useful events.”

“Excellent. Weekly digest is constantly relevant, newsworthy and topical and easy / quick to consume. Training courses and briefings are mostly of a high quality and very focused to the industry. Conference is always well run and highly informative.”

“I find the Media Sourcebook a useful go to guide and am pleased that you are holding more sessions outside of Dublin.”

Some respondents welcomed a focus on areas of relevance to members and the industry as a whole, and highlighted a need to understand the changing professional environment and tailor services to fit.    

Further areas of improvement mentioned included networking events and forums for discussion “as you get the opportunity to meet others with similar issues/ experiences”, and a greater emphasis on the digital element of modern communications. Along with a desire among members to promote the value of PR profession more and to focus on proactively representing the industry; a higher level of engagement with senior members; supporting the profession in times of change; a greater geographical spread of the events; a more visible engagement giving more visibility to the diversity of the profession.

The 2017 PRII Annual Survey received 130 responses (13.5% of the current PRII membership). Last week’s report looked the central role PRII Members play in developing communications strategy but that blockages still exist at Boardroom level. While the previous week we looked at  the expectations of PR professionals for the year ahead (it’s positive).

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