Have You Considered Running for PRII National Council?

The National Council is the Institute’s governing body and oversees the PRII’s strategic development and growth and ensures the highest standards of governance are maintained.

Five vacancies have arisen on the PRII National Council which will be filled at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on 30 January 2018.

The vacancies include one general member from any sector of the profession and four others, one to represent each of the following areas of the profession:

  1. PR consultancies
  2. Education
  3. Charity/NGO
  4. Sole trader

Any Full PRII Member (MPRII) in good standing, who is interested in helping to shape the future of the profession and in the interests of the profession is eligible to stand.

Nomination Forms for National Council positions will be sent with the notice for the AGM not less than 21 days before the AGM to all Full, Fellow, Life Fellows, Retired members, and Honorary members that were full members, who are eligible to vote.

Nominations must be received 12 days before the AGM i.e. not later than 5pm on Thursday 18th January 2018.

Members can find out more about the Institute’s National Council here.  

Key Dates:

  • 18 January: Deadline for Nominations (5pm)
  • 23 January: Nominee information issued
  • 28 January: Deadline for Proxy Forms
  • 30 January: PRII AGM

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