Creativity - things have just got a bit more complex

Creativity is a key driver for change. Yet, how you ‘do creativity’ in PR, communications or marketing is rapidly changing. Stand still and you get left even further behind.Gone are the days of a flash of inspiration to come up with a photocall idea or publicity stunt.

The big reason why things have changed? The answer is complexity. Have you ever sent a text message and failed to spot that the predictive text has changed the word you originally thought you typed in? Or sent an e newsletter out, but fail to recognise only a small proportion of recipients will actually read it?

Even doing the simple things in communications somehow gets harder, more complicated.
That’s why you need to harness your creativity, to think different, but also to turbo charge your thinking with new tools or ways of doing to overcome the ever-increasing barriers getting in the way of your success.

Outstanding creatives recognise that not all problems are the same. You need to be able to read and define the type of problem you face so you can then identify the best strategies and tools to respond to the task.

Help however, is at hand. The Public Relations Institute of Ireland is doing something to help professionals out there cope, survive or even thrive. The Institute’s new Certificate in Creativity is being launched in September. Over a programme of four linked weekends - to avoid any downtime at work - provides new support, guidance and smartness.

Check out the details here.

Ideas now need to be coherent and resolute across different channels and over longer time periods. We are now in the age of ‘Big multi-channel ideas’.

The media channels explosion has created infinite tactical opportunities for digital marketing, social media and Content Marketing. Everything is now blurred, where you need to create robust content to go through the different channels. As a result being creative in PR is much more demanding, requiring more than a simple tactical idea.

The rise of big data and digital analysis is also changing how you go about being creative.Rather than being the enemy to original creative thinking data and analytics can, instead, be the key for greater insight and greater creative accountability through better evaluation.

The ‘House of Clicks’, winner of Cannes 2016, by Swedish agency Prime is a good example of data-driven insight. The campaign engaged a team of data scientists analysing over 200 million clicks on the property website Hemnet to unearth what Swedes dream about in their future home.

Coping with complexity will lead to the need for more ‘painting-by-numbers creativity’ through greater use of Checklists and the growing availability of Artificial Intelligence. Tools like Nuzzle for example, can now identify the tastes and interests of your community to cultivate and curate new Content for them. The creative mind will harness both mechanical creativity as well as intuitively stretch new thinking to the further parts of their galaxy or the deepest parts of their soul.

Creative opportunities abound. But you now need to be creatively smarter.

Course director Andy Green, is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations is a leading authority and author on flexible thinking, creativity, public relations, brand and personal communications. He is the author of Creativity in Public Relations (Kogan Page, 4th Edition 2010); Effective Personal Communication Skills for Public Relations (Kogan Page, 2006) and co-author of A Minute with Tony Blair. Andy lectures on the Masters programme in Global Communications at Cardiff University. He is a Brand Story expert and an associate director at four UK PR agencies, founder of social enterprise the Flexible Thinking Forum. He has also produced the CIPR Innovation & Creativity Toolkit resource for public relations practitioners

Learn more and register for the PRII Certificate in Creativity here.

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