Engaging Effectively with Social Media Influencers - the Difference Between Earned Influence and Paid Promotion


Reliably measuring return on investment has always been one of the biggest challenges of PR, a recent Institute for Public Relations article states. The article goes on to say that “Instagrammers, Bloggers, YouTubers with a profile that’s attractive for brands are charging ever more for their services, and as rates go too high and RoI is difficult to prove, there is increasing skepticism in the industry. Influencer marketing is already seen by many as a blunt instrument, and without better research, better objective setting and realistic expectations as to its effectiveness, it will become less and less relevant.”

But what does effective influencer marketing look like, where does it sit in the PESO and what is the balance between reach, relevance and resonance for a successful influencer campaign?
The whole area of engaging with social media influencers is an area in which PRII has taken a lead over the past year. The development of the PRII Guidelines on Engagement with Social Media Influencers and clarification from Revenue Commissioners on the tax implications of goods provided for review being two recent pieces of work in this area.

Building on feedback from Members in terms of areas they would like to improve skill we are introducing a workshop on Engaging Effectively with Social Media Influencers. Led by Joanne Sweeney-Burke, MPRII who is CEO of Digital Training Institute and a trainer for the Irish Blogger Agency. Joanne is a digital evangelist, a published author and writes for Social Media Examiner, the world’s biggest and most trusted social media website.
Taking place on 26th April, this practical workshop will give participants a blueprint for researching, engaging, managing and delivering client results on a digital influencer campaign.

It will look at what digital influence is, how to decide who has digital influence and how to  to align this with client objectives. As well as setting goals, expectations and outputs for a digital influencer campaign and measuring return on influencer investment (ROII).

 Learn more and register here
You can read the IPR article: ‘The Difference Between Earned Influence and Paid Promotion’ by Thomas Stoeckle, Head of Strategic Business Development at LexisNexis Business Insight Solutions and Associate Chair of the IPR Measurement Commission here.

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