Local Radio Reaches more than 40% of Population according to latest JNLR figures

PRII Development and Research Manager, Frank Condon — November 2, 2016 — Loading...

Local radio reaches more than 40% of the local adult population daily in many areas of the country and Local/regional radio is listened to more than National Radio in the North West (63.3%), Cork (62.8%) and the South West regions (59.2%), according to the latest JNLR figures.


The North West recorded the highest proportion of listenership in the country, with 90% indicating that they tuned into the radio at some point of the day on the previous day. Followed by the South West at 87% and Co. Cork, South East and North East & Mid at 82%.


Highland Radio, MWR, Northern Sound and Radio Kerry hold the majority share of minutes listened to during the prime 7am to 7pm period, in their respective areas.


On the average day 82% of Irish adults listen to the radio, with 58% listening to local or regional station and 44% a national.


However, a smaller proportion (76%) of those between the age of 15 and 34 listen in daily.


Almost twice as many younger people (15 -34) tend to listen to Local/regional Radio (66.8%) over National Radio (33.2%) in terms of share of minutes. This is particularly evident in Cork (72.4%).


There is an evident generational gap with those over 35 listening only marginally to more Local/Regional radio [minutes listened] 51.0% than National radio, but more than the younger population.


Red FM has 120,000 listeners on average and The Neil Prendeville Show is listened to by 64,000 each day and the KC Show grew it's by 7,000, in the Cork area.


In terms of particular shows at the national level, RTÉ One's Saturday morning's The Business Show hosted by Richard Curran gained an average of 11,000 listeners. 19 of the top 20 shows are produced by RTE. With Today FM's The Ian Dempsey Show being the only one not hailing from Montrose.


Morning Ireland lost 5,000 listeners but remains the most listened to show on Irish radio while RTÉ's Sunday Sport gained 16,000 listeners.


Ironically, TXFM had 3,000 more listeners by the time station closed down on the day the JNLR results were published.

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