Florence White MPRII - Candidate for position of PRII President

Dear members,

These are changing times for professional communicators and that's why I am running for election as your President.  I want to ensure that the Public Relations Institute of Ireland has a strong and experienced leader who listens and responds to you so that the Institute thrives and is truly relevant to those who we represent.

Florence White, MPRII

As Vice President of the PRII since 2014, I have worked with Council, and with John and his team, to directly address the issues raised by you as members. We have delivered more relevant training, more transparent governance and more opportunities for engagement for members at all levels of your careers. We have also returned the Institute to a stronger financial position.  This improvement must continue but our industry is changing around us and we can't afford to stand still. Our members are skilled, committed, truthful and determined professionals. Too often we are viewed as problem solvers when our strategic capability could be so much more effective.

For the past 15 year I have managed some of the most complex and controversial communications challenges our industry has faced. Working alongside senior decision makers at executive, boardroom and political level I have seen first hand the enormous change happening in PR, public affairs, media relations and communications. We have an ever expanding wealth of tools, channels, stakeholders, messages and metrics to influence, persuade, manage, build, recover and amplify stories and reputations for our clients and organisations. Does this make our jobs easier or more challenging?  It certainly makes them more complicated.

In the past 5 years, we have seen enormous disruption in how media is consumed. The global digital economy accounted for 22% of the world's economy in 2015. In media, traditional trusted news brands are contracting as digital expands and nobody wants to pay for it. Truth has never been more important or difficult to discern but our reputations and our success depend on it.

This is a critical time for the PRII that requires experienced leadership.  We are about to embark on the third year of our 5 Year Strategic Plan, a plan that I have lead on Council. As your President I will bring my extensive experience of governance, resource and budget management to ensure the Institute remains financially healthy and continues to grow but I will also ensure that we evolve and remain relevant to our members. If elected President, I will put a greater focus on the changed landscape in which we operate and I will lead a review of who the Institute represents and how we define our profession.

To achieve this, I need your support. Your vote for me as President is a vote for an experienced and committed professional who will lead an Institute that engages with you to understand your needs and does its utmost to meet them.

For more about me check out: http://linkedin.com/in/florence-white-mprii-691a7464


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