Candidates seeking election to National Council at this year’s AGM

Nominations for positions has closed, and there will be an election for the position of President with Florence White, MPRII and Cian Connaughton, MPRII contesting.There was only one nomination received for the position of Vice-President with Justin Green, FPRII nomiated, and similiarily there was only one nomination, that of Eugene Grey, FPRII for the position of PR Education representative. Each candidate was asked to provide a profile outlining their career to date and why they are seeking election, which are below.

Candidates seeking election to National Council as follows:

  • Cian Connaughton, MPRII - Candidate for position of PRII President;
  • Florence White, MPRII - Candidate for position of PRII President;


  • Justin Green, FPRII - Only candidate nominated for position of Vice-President


  • Eugene Grey, FPRII - Only candidate for position of PR Education representative;

Motions before the AGM

Three motions have also been received, all from the PRII National Council. One motion is to change the Memorandum and Articles of Association to remove the requirement that a member must have ten continuous years membership to be eligible for Fellowship; instead a member will still need to have ten years membership but it does not need to be continuous. The other two motions, are proposals to honour Justin Green, FPRII and Barney Whelan, FPRII with PRII Life Fellowships. Full details of all motions are available in the Member Area of the website, which can be accessed here


Voting is in person at the AGM. If you are not able to attend the AGM, you can nominate someone to vote in your place. This is done through completition of the Proxy Form that was posted to all members on November 10. For a proxy form to be valid, it must be the original form and submitted by 5pm on Monday 28th November 2016If the proxy form has been misplaced, one can be re-issued by emailing Loading....  

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