The State of PR in the UK

The Chartered Institute for Public Relations (CIPR), the PRII's equivalent body in the UK, last week published its seventh edition of 'State of the Profession' survey which reports on cross-industry convergence between PR and marketing, and the increasing demands for practitioners to be content creators and curators.

Key findings include:

  • convergence of PR and marketing continues with 76% of PR professionals saying that they're working more closely with dedicated social and digital, marketing, advertising and sales teams when compared with two years ago;

  • practitioners are increasing creating more content rather than the more traditional role of handling media relations as 81% indicated most or at least some of their time is spent on content creation and for the first time in seven years. Media Relations is no longer the primary way in which most or at least some of PR professionals spend their time;

  • the ability to strategically lead and manage business development and financial planning are key areas of development highlighted by respondents, showing the increasing importance of leadership not just management in the profession;

  • annual pay rose by 5.6%, in consolidated earnings figures (combining in-house, consultancy and independent practitioners). This records an average annual earnings figure of GBP £48,196 for 2016, up from last year's figure of GBP £45,633; and

  • while women constitute two thirds of the overall working population, and there is a close-to 50/50 gender balance across senior roles, pay inequality is evident at the most senior levels and or those working in and independent PR practitioners.

#StateOfPR 2016 reflects the views of more than 1500 UK practitioners who shared their thoughts on every aspect of public relations.

You can access the full report here.

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