Report on the PRII AGM

Last Thursday, December 1, the PRII held its AGM. The AGM took place in the new surroundings of the Dog Patch Labs in the CHQ Building, Dublin 1, and there was a full house in attendance.

The main focus of the meeting was the election of a new President of the PRII, as the outgoing President Jacqueline Hall FPRII's two year term had come to a conclusion. Both candidates for the position, Cian Connaughton MPRII and Florence White MPRII, addressed the room and following that, members were asked to cast their votes. Following the counting of the votes, Cian was elected President and his note to members following that election is available here.

Two other positions were also filled on the night, albeit without election, with Justin Green FPRII being elected as Vice-President and Eugene Grey FPRII being elected to the National Council.

The other items for the meeting were the approval of the company accounts (available to access here), and voting on three motions. The first motion was on a change to the PRII's constitution, removing the requirement that a member must have ten continuous years of membership before being eligible for membership. The proposal was to remove the need for the ten years of membership to be continuous and this was approved by the meeting.

The other two motions were to approve the election of Barney Whelan FPRII and Justin Green FPRII as Life Fellows. Life Fellowship is the highest honour that can be given to a PRII member, with no more than two to be given in any year, and requiring the approval of the AGM. More details of the Life Fellowship award and the newly introduced assessment process is available here. Both Barney and Justin's election as Life Fellows were approved, and the Life Fellowship awards will be presented at an event in 2017.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, there was a reception in the Urban Garden of the Dog Patch Labs and an opportunity for members to network and catch up with old acquaintances. Pictures from the evening can be accessed here.

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