BAI launch Media Literacy Policy

With all the talk of fake news recently, the launch earlier this week by the  Broadcasting Authority of Ireland of its Media Literacy Policy is timely. This policy sets out a range of skills to help people to navigate current, new and emerging content platforms. The aim of the policy, which can be accessed here, is to develop a co-ordinated approach to the promotion of media literacy in Ireland.


Michael O’Keeffe, CEO of the BAI said: “Technology is rapidly changing how we consume media. The BAI’s Media Literacy Policy aims to give users the skills to understand how media works in this evolving environment, to enable them to determine the accuracy of the information they are viewing, to be able to identify what may be unfair and inaccurate representation, to challenge extremist views and, ultimately, to make better informed media choices.”


The framework for the BAI’s Media Literacy Policy is based on three core competencies and a set of associated skills and success indicators.  These competencies are centred on issues regarding:


  • the ability to recognise different content types;
  • making informed choices in relation to valuing and protecting personal data;
  • the creation of media content for private and public use and the ability to engage in online learning opportunities.


Arsing from this the BAI is to facilitate the development of an Irish Media Literacy Network. Given the exposure of the communications profession to the media, and the importance of media literacy as a result, the PRII will seek to be involved in the development in this Network. In particular, the lessons learned from the PRII's development of best practice social media guidelines can be usefully shared in that context. The BAI has also been invited to speak to the PRII members on this topic in 2017.


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