Who is Listening? (Working with Radio Pt.1)

Radio provides perhaps the best opportunities for PR practitioners to get their organisation or client’s message across. This half-day workshop will help you target your audience by answering the questions on who is listening and what they are listening to on Irish radio.

Start Date 13 November 2019
Course Dates 13 November 2019
Presenter Tom Hardy
Venue PRII Offices, 84 Merrion Sq. D2
Fees PRII Members €165
Fees PRII Non-members €225

Half-day Workshop — 09:30am to 12:30pm

83% of us do it every day.  We do it in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the car and on the bus.  And with summer just around the corner, we will soon be doing it in the garden, on the beach or while we are out walking the dog.  In fact, most of us do it for nearly four hours a day.

That’s the great thing about listening to the radio – you can do it almost anywhere!  Which makes it an essential place for PR professionals to have their message heard.

This new half-day morning workshop (09:30am to 12:30pm), conducted by highly experienced radio broadcaster Tom Hardy, ‘Who is Listening’ is designed to help you get your message ‘on-air’.


  • Who is listening and what they are listening to?
  • Interpreting JNLR listenership figures; 
  • Explore target audiences (e.g. urban and rural listening); 
  • Key radio stations and shows across Ireland that should be on every PR’s campaign list.
  • Radio industry regulations
  • ‘Difficult’ product categories for communicators.

This workshop is part one of a two part series — learn more about Pitching to Radio — Working with Radio Workshop 2 on 27 November here.

What previous participants have said they got from the Working With Radio series:

“A better understanding of how radio operates in Ireland, the power of local radio.”

“I learned what radio shows I should be targeting for specific announcements and that local stations can often be more effective than national, depending on the announcement.”

 “Will allow us focus more on radio as a separate target.”

“Greater understanding of the possibilities of radio, especially local radio.”

“A much better insight in how media pitching operates. Genuinely feel my media pitching will improve after this.”


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