Storytelling and Corporate Narrative for PR

Want to rewrite the story of your organisation or want to dramatically increase your ability to transform your storytelling? Discover a range of new tools and thinking to achieve outstanding results. Spend a day working with others on your live work challenges while learning new skills and developing your talent.

Start Date 22 May 2018
Course Dates 22 May 2018
Presenter Andy Green
Leading creativity expert, author of ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ and CIPR Innovation & Creativity Toolkit.
Venue PRII , 84 Merrion Square Dublin 2
Fees PRII Members €295
Fees PRII Non-members €395

Powerful stories and narratives are at the heart of outstanding communications and strategies. PR and communications practitioners now need to move away from being just ‘news storytellers’. They need to understand how to create a wider narrative to underpin any strategy and how to create emotional impact in any communication.

‘Storytelling and Corporate Narrative for PR’ will transform the impact and results of your PR activity to achieve a competitive advantage. It will show you how you change the story of your organisation, how to manage corporate narrative, and how to craft, and deliver Storytelling, in any news story, Social Media or Content Marketing campaigns.

The workshop also develops your ‘Story Listening ears’ to identify any narrative existing within a communications. If you want to change behaviour, you need to change the underlying narrative. Discover how great stories are the key to delivering ‘Big Multi Channel Ideas’

This one day workshop will show:

  • How narrative is at the heart of any outstanding strategy and is key to gaining wider engagement
  • How to listen and spot the underlying story narrative in any communication
  • How to use 5 key story patterns to create narratives and break existing patterns of behaviour

By the end of the day you will have changed how you listen to new information and be more agile in creating profound story narratives for your communications goals and strategies.

The workshop specifically addresses:

  • How to use a range of tools to transform your storytelling including how to create a Persona for the telling of your story.
  • How to harness the power of emotion and the bigger story within your communications to achieve greater impact
  • How to inject colour, drama and tension to achieve impact to your communication
  • How to boost your confidence and self-belief to be an extra-ordinary storyteller

Learning outcomes

  • Become a storyteller rather than just a ‘news story teller’
  • Be more agile and flexible identifying the most powerful choice of story narrative for your communication
  • Be able to detect and manage the narrative inherent in any communication
  • Be more confident in managing corporate narrative and storytelling
  • Craft distinctive, compelling and authentic stories to transform your next media release
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