Creativity - How to Manage & Transform for Modern-day PR Practice

The workshop combines an all-you-need-to know overview with a creativity toolkit for more agile, flexible and creative thinking to unleash your potential, create profound insights and spot more opportunities.
Start Date 8 November 2018
Course Dates 8 November 2018
Presenter Andy Green
Leading creativity expert, author of ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ and CIPR Innovation & Creativity Toolkit.
Venue Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, Leeson Street Upper, D.4
Fees PRII Members €295
Fees PRII Non-members €395

Transform how you overcome challenges from new strategies, business pitches, to tackling stale clients or campaigns, and better brainstorming. Includes 1:1 creative coaching.

This new interactive workshop enables you to understand what is the creative dimension in public relations practice and how to develop your own creative and strategic thinking skills along with the ability to solve problems in new ways.

This session uses your own live challenges and problems to demonstrate how to use different tools and techniques and when and where to use them. It includes how to be creative using SEO and ‘Big Multi Channel Ideas’.

This one day workshop will show you how to:

  • understand what is creativity and how to use it in your daily work;
  • avoid common mistakes and recognise some of the myths surrounding ‘creative people’ and making creativity happen;
  • be able to read a situation and identify which creativity tools are appropriate for the task;
  • how to manage and conduct team the creativity of your colleagues and manage brainstorm sessions; and
  • new techniques in current PR practice from SEO to ‘Big Multi Channel Ideas’.

The workshop specifically addresses:

  • How to manage your own personal creative talent and others around you
  • How to identify your personal Creativity profile - your strengths and weaknesses
  • How to come up with ideas and creative solutions under pressure - or when there is no pressure
  • How to devise, develop creative solutions for strategic planning through to tactical solutions
  • How to use SEO and digital tools to deliver creative insights
  • How to inspire yourself and your colleagues for greater creative performance

Learning outcomes:

  • Know how creativity works
  • Know the barriers to creative performance in yourself and your teams
  • Know when, and when not to be ‘creative’
  • Know what is and isn’t a creative idea
  • Know how to measure your creative performance
  • Manage yourself and your teams for greater creative performance
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