Marketing Officer - Rehab

The Rehab Group is looking to appoint a Marketing Officer

Company The Rehab Group
Location Roslyn Park, Beach Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4
Apply by 27 April 2018
Position / Title Marketing Officer
Contract Type Permanent Contract
How To Apply

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The Rehab Group is a charity that provides services for over 20,000 adults and children and champions the value of diversity and inclusion for people with disabilities or disadvantage in their communities throughout Ireland and the UK.
Our mission is to help change the lives of the people we serve by helping them to become more independent and more included in the communities by empowering them with the skills and confidence to be active in the workforce, and supporting them to be in charge of their health and wellness.
Over 20,000 people – adults and children – use Rehab’s services every year. People with disabilities, people on the autism spectrum, people with mental health difficulties, people who are disadvantaged in some way in the labour market, and people who want a fresh start.
MISSION: Helping the people we serve to be more independent; helping them to contribute to and be more included in their communities; empowering them with the skills and confidence to be active in the workforce; and supporting them to be in charge of their health and wellness.
VISION: We are a charity that champions the value of diversity and inclusion for people with a disability or disadvantage, in their communities. Together, we will constantly learn and seek to provide excellent services to foster and enhance social and economic independence.
VALUES: Our values underpin all we do, shape who we are and how we work with one another, in our organisation and in the community:
Advocacy: Challenge exclusion and promote inclusion
Quality: Strive for excellence in all aspects of our work
Dignity: Respect the unique worth of every person (that includes people who access our services, families, employees and volunteers)
Justice: Act with integrity, honesty, commitment and accountability in everything we do to ensure equity, fairness and transparency
Team Work: Foster an environment that encourages change, growth, trust in our organisation and in partnership with others, working together as one Rehab team


Reporting to the Head of Communications and Marketing this individual will develop and oversee the marketing activities for Rehab Group’s National Learning Network; developing a marketing strategy for Ireland largest NGO training organisation and contributing to a new strategic direction.


Formal Education / Training
  • A NFQ7 qualification in Marketing.
  • A minimum of three years’ marketing experience either with an agency or in-house.
Work Experience
  • Experience developing integrated marketing campaign strategies with a strong understanding of digital marketing.
  • Background in event management and PR.
  • Experience of managing agencies.
  • Experience leading the implementation, tracking and measurement of integrated marketing campaigns, on time and within budget.
  • A proven track record of running a successful social media presence.
  • Experience partnering with external agencies and partners including creative, film, design and media planning agencies to deliver campaign activities against a brief.
  • Self-starter and self-sufficient but able to work with different teams across the company.
  • Proven experience of embedding digital in the overall marketing mix to create greater engagement.

Skills and Knowledge

  • The individual will be a skilled digital marketing specialist, with a pragmatic approach and the gravitas to influence key stakeholders within a large and complex organization.
  • Excellent MS Office skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Systems knowledge such as Photoshop and Adobe.Google Analytics/WordPress/Dotmailer etc.
  • Relationship management skills and an ability to respond to the needs of internal stakeholders.
  • Excellent time-management skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including strong presentation skills.
  • Knowledge of the vocational education and training sector would be an advantage.
  • Experience creating and publishing paid effective social media and Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Experience of monitoring practices and measuring success.
  • Strong delivery and strategic skills.
  • Ability to identify and manage key external and internal stakeholders, building rapport across different audiences.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and to prioritise appropriately.


Job Area (What is done, and to what, and why)
  1. Develop and oversee the marketing activities for Rehab Group’s National Learning Network; developing an annual marketing plan and contribute to a new, strategic direction.
  2. Build strong integrated marketing campaigns and delivering quantitative and qualitative results on marketing initiatives
  3. Coordinate the marketing needs of Rehab Group’s National Learning Network;  for the 50 centres across the country.
  4. Drive engagement across all social media platforms and maintain website.
  5. Develop a suite of products to support Rehab Group’s National Learning Network; and sourcing advertising opportunities in the press, radio or TV as appropriate to the service.
  6. Illustrate the impact of the organisation through storytelling around the work we do.
  7. Drive change and innovation as the organisation’s marketing strategy continues to evolve.
  8. Create strong relationships with key personnel with a view to providing ongoing support and strategic direction. 


Typical Level of Interaction

☐ Standard:  Typical interaction is to request and provide information.  Courtesy, tact and effectiveness are required.
X Advanced:  Influence using logic and facts.  Communication is important but not critical to the achievement of job objectives.
☐ Expert:  Win the hearts and minds, changing opinion of people.  Critical in achieving the job objectives.

Primary Audience (Internal)

National Learning Network, Rehab staff, Board members.

Level of Audience (Internal)

☐  Clerical / Operational
☐  Supervisory / Junior Professional
x  Middle Management / Seasoned Professional
☐  Senior / Top Management

Primary Audience (External)

Prospective students of National Learning Network, prospective service users, media, funders, general public, stakeholders.

Level of Audience (External)

  Clerical / Operational
  Supervisory / Junior Professional
x  Middle Management / Seasoned Professional
  Senior / Top Management


  • The role requires a strong awareness of the culture, objectives and mission of the Rehab Group.


This role requires the job holder to:
  • Demonstrable excellent relationship management skills 
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills.


A commitment to living the organisational values of Team work, Dignity, Justice, Advocacy and Quality

Building Relationships and Communication 

  • You modify communication approach to suit the needs of a situation/ audience. 
  • You actively listen to the views of others. 
  • You liaise with other groups to gain co-operation. 
  • You negotiate, where necessary, in order to reach a satisfactory outcome. 
  • You maintain a focus on dealing with colleagues and service users in an effective, efficient and respectful manner. 
  • You are assertive and professional when dealing with challenging issues. 
  • You express yourself in a clear and articulate manner when speaking and in writing. 

Judgement and Decision Making 

  • You effectively deal with a wide range of information sources, investigating all relevant issues. 
  • You understand the practical implication of information in relation to the broader context in which s/he works – procedures, divisional objectives etc. 
  • You identify and understands key issues and trends. 
  • Correctly extracts & interprets numerical information, conducting accurate numerical calculations. 
  • Draws accurate conclusions & makes balanced and fair recommendations backed up with evidence. 

Management and Delivery of Results

  • You take ownership of tasks and are determined to see them through to a satisfactory conclusion.
  • You are logical and pragmatic in approach, setting objectives and delivering the best possible results with the resources available through effective prioritisation
  • You constructively challenge existing approaches to improve efficient customer service delivery.
  • You accurately estimate time parameters for project, making contingencies to overcome obstacles. 
  • You minimise errors, reviewing learning and ensuring remedies are in place. 
  • You maximise the input of own team in ensuring effective delivery of results. 
  • You ensure that proper service delivery procedures/protocols/reviews are in place and implemented. 

Influencing and Negotiating

  • You focus on the key benefits and strengths of your message to get your points across.
  • You handle objections in a calm and constructive manner.
  • You assertively outline the benefits of your proposal and reinforce your key messages.
  • At all times you operate within the boundaries of your role, respecting the dignity of others and organisational and legal requirements.

Planning & Organising

  • You organise your time to enable you to complete work activities according to legal and organisational requirements and to meet individuals’ needs and preferences.
  • You report on any difficulties you have had in completing your work activities within the allotted timescales and according to individual’s needs and preferences.
  • You raise these difficulties with the appropriate person.
  • You balance your own duties and responsibilities with the individual’s needs and preferences.


  • You maintain clear, accurate, factual and up-to-date records.
  • You honour your work commitments and when this is not possible, explain why.
  • You are aware of and understand the boundaries of your role and responsibilities.
  • You know when to ask for help. You work, and support colleagues to work in ways that are consistent with the law, regulation and organisational requirements.
  • You recognise, and demonstrate to colleagues through your practice, the influence your job role and responsibilities may bring and how to use such influence sensitively and responsibly.
  • You demonstrate that you are honest, trustworthy, reliable and dependable and support colleagues to do the same.

How to Apply

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