PR Measurement & Evaluation Refresher: Barcelona Principles

The Barcelona Principles 2.0 are the international standard for Public Relations and communications measurement. They are fundamental to demonstrating how PR contributes to over all organisational and business success. An understanding of their use is crucial for any PR professional.

Start Date 14 February 2019
Course Dates 14 February 2019
Presenter Dr. Martina Byrne
Chief Executive, PRII , previous Lecturer and Examiner PRII Diploma in PR, and former Director of Public Affairs at Wilson Hartnell PR
Venue PRII Ofices, 84 Merrion Square, Dublin 2
Fees PRII Members €60
Fees PRII Non-members €95

The Barcelona Principles 2.0 are the international standard for Public Relations and communications measurement.  They are fundamental to demonstrating how PR contributes to over all organisational and business success and an understanding of the use of these principles is crucial for any PR professional.

They are also a key criteria used in the judging the Awards for Excellence in PR  organised each year by the PRCA, PRII and CIPR NI.

The principles were updated in September 2015 with the aim of providing greater structure, consistency, and rigour to the evaluation of public relations efforts and to reflect today's changing media landscape and belie the inadequacy of flawed methods, especially the use of advertising value equivalents (AVEs). Designed to be applied more widely to communications initiatives, not just public relations activity, they also place greater emphasis on communication's role in achieving business results and organisational goals. Advocacy has also been highlighted as an outcome that can and should be measured by practitioners.

This workshop will out outline the basic principles of PR and communication measurement and the importance of goal setting, the need for outcomes, instead of outputs-based measurement and  both quantitative and qualitative metrics, the value of social media, and a need for a holistic approach to measurement and evaluation.

This workshop will enable members use the updated measures in a practical and insightful way in their everyday work.

This is a morning course and runs from 9:30am until 11:00am.

Topics Covered:

The session will concentrate on the three key areas where the Barcelona 2.0 build on the previous principles.

  • Importance of integrated measurement of communications (across geographies, methods and channels)
  • The need to access performance against objectives and within context and the distinction between measurement and evaluation
  • Importance of qualitative evaluation as well as quantitative evaluation, which is transparent and consistent
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