PRII Certificate in Creativity NEW

A new professional qualification in Creativity for the PR and communications sector. Designed to provide both the strategic and tactical skills to achieve better results in offline and online communications and improve management of the creative dimension in communications work. 

Start Date 30 September 2017
Course Dates 30 September 2017
21 October 2017
4 November 2017
18 November 2017
Presenter Andy Green
Leading creativity expert, author of ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ and CIPR Innovation & Creativity Toolkit.
Venue PRII, 84 Merrion Square, Dublin 2
Fees PRII Members €1560
Fees PRII Non-members €1890

Creativity is one of the key skills required by all public relations professionals. It is an essential ingredient in outstanding performance. Yet it is a neglected management issue, and rarely considered a skill.

Creativity is more than knowing how to run an ideation session but learning how to work smarter across a range of public relations and communications activities from crisis communications to devising new strategies, to the next news release. Our organisations or clients are demanding more, wanting you to achieve more with less. How can you respond?

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for PR practitioners in-house or agency wanting to improve or develop their strategic and tactical creative thinking skills, or experienced professionals wanting a fresh look, and new inspiration for a key area of practice.

Learning Outcomes

This programme will provide participants with a systematic knowledge and critical understanding of the key areas of creativity in public relations and communications.

Participants will be able to demonstrate the following skills and abilities:

  • having a deeper understanding of what is creativity and how to use it in their daily work;
  • the knowledge to avoid common mistakes and recognise some of the myths surrounding ‘creative people’ and making creativity happen;
  • the ability to read any situation and identify appropriate creativity tools for the task;
  • the skills to manage the creativity of colleagues and manage brainstorm sessions along with other techniques;
  • familiarisation with online tools to generate insights or spark new ideas rapidly;
  • ability to do ‘painting-by-numbers’ creativity to save time or when under pressure;
  • an understanding of new techniques for future PR practice from SEO to ‘Big Multi Channel Ideas’;
  • the skills to facilitate creative mindfulness in themselves and others;
  • an understanding of how ideas have a narrative and how to be a master storyteller; and
  • strategies for building social capital to foster more collaborations to make ideas grow and be more powerful.

Course Outline:

This course will equip participants with both the strategic skills required to manage the creative dimension in any public relations activity coupled with the latest processes, tools and tips to achieve better results offline and online.

As a result, participants will be able to generate profound insights quicker, create more potent strategies to generate more powerful stories and narratives, producing more creative outputs in less time, with fewer resources.

Topics Covered:

The programme will address the following topics:

  • identifying your own creative profile, your colleagues/your clients/line managers;
  • generating ‘Big Multi Channel Ideas’;
  • how to be creative in SEO and digital activity;
  • creative mindfulness;
  • managing story narratives and transforming your storytelling;
  • how to create memes;
  • creating content marketing programmes; and
  • using social capital to build better collaborations to realize your ideas.

The course is designed to integrate participants’ own real-world work challenges to apply their new learning.

A mentoring and coaching element will form a key part of the programme allowing participants  grow in their learning and personal development while generating new ideas and content to take back to the office.

Course Director:

Andy Green, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations is a leading authority and author on flexible thinking, creativity, public relations, brand and personal communications.

He is the author of Creativity in Public Relations (Kogan Page, 4th Edition 2010); Effective Personal Communication Skills for Public Relations (Kogan Page, 2006) and co-author of A Minute with Tony Blair.

Andy lectures on the Masters programme in Global Communications at Cardiff University. He is a Brand Story expert and an associate director at four UK PR agencies, founder of social enterprise the Flexible Thinking Forum. He has also produced the CIPR Innovation & Creativity Toolkit resource for public relations practitioners. 


Courses are taught by a combination of intensive and participative classroom sessions which include a variety of approaches including lectures, group discussion and practical exercises / case studies, along with personal study.

Classes are supplemented by contributions from industry guest speakers who share their expertise and practical experience of the issues touched on in lectures.

Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and question presenters and guest speakers.

Assessment & Accreditation:

Assessment is by continuous assessment taking account of attendance and participation in class.

Participants are encouraged to apply learning from the readings, modules and discussions and show how these apply to their own work situation and challenges.

Final assessment is by way of a 3,000-word case study / report-style assignment presenting a campaign or tackling communications challenges currently faced by participants or which will form the basis of an upcoming workplace project.

A key feature of the assessment will require candidates to reflect on their own creative and thinking profile and how this had developed based on the learnings from the course.

This course is accredited by the Public Relations Institute of Ireland - the professional body for communications and PR in Ireland.


The PRII Certificate in Creativity will be awarded on successful completion of the course assessment.


Queries should be addressed to Annmarie Jordan at Turn on Javascript! or call (01) 661 8004.

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